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ISBN 0-945045-02-6, ISBN 978-0-945045-02-1
(8th Printing - 2009)




A Writer's Guide
To Transitional Words and Expressions

What It Is

  • A handy writer’s guide with more than 1,000 entries of transitional words and expressions. More than 100,000 copies are in the hands of writers worldwide.
  • Thumb-indexed, color-coded pages for quick reference, divided into 15 major categories

How It Helps

  • Links ideas and helps organize thoughts
  • Creates smooth flow of sentences and paragraphs
  • Connects points for the reader to follow easily
  • Provides techniques for writing clearly and effectively

Who Benefits

  • Elementary, intermediate, secondary school students
  • College and university students
  • Students learning English as a second language
  • Anyone who writes


"Over the years, A Writer's Guide to Transitional Words and Expressions has proved to be an invaluable tool for one simple reason: Nowhere else have I found such a comprehensive list of semantically related transitional words and expressions... I urge every teacher to take a look at this book and consider its value as a writing aid. It is, indeed, the little book that could." Emily Strauss, INSIDE ENGLISH, "The Little Book That Could"

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